About the event

The Event will be held in the BLZ Neusiedl, the organization centre of the Austrian Sailing Federation and training centre for the Austrian Olympic Sailingteam

Mission statement

The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park is a national park in eastern Austria. The park extends over an area of 97 square kilometres of the province of Burgenland and protects parts of the westernmost lake of the Eurasian Steppe. The area of the national park is a meeting point for different plant and animal species. These include alpine, pannonian, asian, mediterranean and northern European species. This results in a mosaic of environments, including wetlands, herding meadows, meadows, sand steppes and salt areas. In the west the area is bordered by the Leitha Mountains, the Parndorf Plain in the north and the Hanság in the east. The mire of Hanság was for centuries a part of Lake Neusiedl. Lake Neusiedl itself is situated at the lowest point of the Little Hungarian Plain at an altitude of around 115m above sea level.

This is why we have to take care about this unique place and try our best to minimize the human impact. Please help us!

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